Surf City Escape Triathlon Professional Athlete Lineup Announced
9th September 2018
Nation's Escape Tri
Washington D.C.

Build Your Own Race Bag

We're excited to announce Build Your Own Race Bag has arrived to Nation's Escape! Direct from Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon, this exclusive platform is now available to all athletes competing in any Escape Series race!

Need a towel after your Potomac River swim? Want to commemorate your achievement with a Photo Finish coupon? We've got you covered. Every athlete knows what they like, and we designed Build Your Own Race Bag for YOU!

Ready to get started? Let's Build Your Own Race Bag for Nation's ...

STEP 1: Register for Nation's Escape!

STEP 2: Look out for an email that looks like this -->

STEP 3: Select the items of your choice for your Race Bag (examples below)

Building your own Escape Race Bag is so easy, you won't even have to pause training...

Ernie Mantell building his Escape Series bag while training!

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